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Astro seek is a website with a lot of features that are geared towards beginners. The charts are beautiful and easy to read, and it offers a free report on the sun, moon and rising signs. It also takes Daylight Saving Time into consideration for people born before the 1970s. It is possible to view a report and chart on the website without registering, but if you’re looking for detailed information about your zodiac sign, you can join their forum.

The Pattern

The Pattern of AstroSeek is an online tool that uses the moon phases to illustrate the exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the progressed chart. These phases depict the most subliminal forms of self-awareness. Astro-Seek displays the dates of the moon phases, links to charts, and current transits.


Astrocartography is a great way to understand your astrological chart. The lines on your chart may seem a bit confusing at first, but with the help of an astrocartographer, you can map out your life plan. Whether you’re curious about your career goals or are having trouble with your family, astrocartography can help you understand yourself better.

Astrocartography is also a good way to find out about the energetic influences of different places. You can use it to plan your next trip or big move. You’ll be able to identify what’s lucky and unlucky in a place. It also helps you know when to move or travel, so you’ll be able to make the best decision.

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Astrocartography maps also come with planetary lines that are labeled with specific astrological symbols. Depending on your zodiac sign, these lines correspond to your latitude and longitude. For example, a Jupiter line is an advantageous spot, while a Pluto line is more difficult. The interpretive power of astrocartography lies in the fact that it is able to look at the bigger picture.

Astrocartography charts are a great way to find out which places suit your birth chart best. For example, if you want to go to college, an astrocartography chart will help you decide on where to go. A high-energy city might have been great for single people in their younger years, but might not be a good choice as you build a family.

In addition to providing insight into your love life and career, astrology can also inform you when to move. Astrocartography maps will help you find the best place to live or visit based on the angles in your chart. With an astrocartography map, you can know which places will have the biggest impact on your life.

Betty Lundsted

There are two basic books in astrology, Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook and Astrological Insights into Personality. If you’re looking to learn more about astrology, you may want to start with the former book. The latter is more modern and provides a Jungian perspective on personality and natal charts. While you don’t have to follow everything you read in the books, you can choose what interests you most and use them as your guide.