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Chennai Super Kings Wins Its 5th IPL Title: How Does It Affect CSK Unlisted Shares?

The 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been one of the most successful seasons for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). In a thriller last over, CSK clinched the victory from the jaws of Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat Titans on 29 May 2023. The IPL final 2023 was played at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has been viewed by millions of people worldwide. 

CSK has received a warm welcome in every match due to the rumours of MS Dhoni’s retirement. It is the main reason why every match of CSK has been hyped, impacting its unlisted shares’ performance in the grey market. Throughout the season, CSK’s share price remained high, allowing its investors to make a good return on investment. 

However, the question here is about the future outlook of CSK shares after the IPL victory. This blog will discuss the possible impact 2023 IPL victory can have on CSK pre-IPO shares.


Details Of CSK Unlisted Shares

Founded in 2008, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is a franchise cricket team based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has been a part of the IPL since the beginning and has won the tournament five times, equal to Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai Indians. Mahendra Singh Dhoni captains the team and has qualified for playoffs 12 times. CSK has not yet been listed on any stock exchange and is considered a privately-owned company. The company offers its unlisted shares for trading to retail investors via the grey market, also known as the pre-IPO market.

The revenue model of CSK comprises its earnings from different mediums like media rights, sponsorships, ticket and merchandise sales, match fees, etc. According to Forbes, the current market valuation of Chennai Super Kings is $1.5 billion, generating an average of Rs 300-600 crore in revenue each season.

During the IPL season, CSK unlisted shares were traded at Rs 160 per share at the total market valuation of shares of Rs 5700 crore. Here are the key details of CSK unlisted shares:

About CSK unlisted sharesValue
Face value0.1
CSK unlisted share priceRs 179 per share
Lot size100 shares
Debt to equity0.26

In addition, understanding the movement of CSK share price in the last few months is also essential to make the right investment decision. 

As we can see from the above graph, CSK stock price has been fluctuating since the beginning of this year. In October last year, CSK share price increased and hit Rs 190 per share in November 2022. 

The IPL tournament started on 31 March 2023, during which CSK unlisted share price was Rs 173, while at the time of the final match, CSK pre-IPO shares were traded at Rs 182 per share. Based on the recent market data, CSK unlisted share price today is Rs 179.0, which is expected to increase in the coming months.

Possible Effect Of IPL Victory On CSK Unlisted Shares

Understanding that CSK market value indirectly affects its unlisted shares price and performance is crucial. Since the brand value of the Chennai Super Kings increased after winning the IPL 2023 tournament, it will benefit CSK unlisted shares in the future.

Here is the possible impact of CSK’s IPL victory on its unlisted shares:

Increase In Market Valuation

One of the significant impacts on CSK unlisted shares would be its high market valuation. The recent data shows that the current market valuation is approximately 5,700 crore. Due to the victory of IPL, the company’s market valuation is expected to increase, which will benefit investors who buy CSK unlisted shares.

Higher Share Price

The unlisted shares price majorly depends on the company’s performance. In the case of Chennai Super Kings, it will directly benefit its investors in the long run. During the IPL season, CSK share price kept increasing and touched the mark of Rs 180. However, it is predicted how much the share price can surge in the coming months.

Surge In Demand

CSK is one of the few sports teams and the only IPL cricket franchise team that offers its unlisted shares for trading. There is a considerable chance that the demand for CSK pre-IPO shares will increase in the future. Moreover, it is also predicted that seasonal investors will bet on CSK shares in the coming months.

Buy CSK Unlisted Shares For Long-Term Benefits

If you seek an investment option that helps you reap the long-term benefits, you should buy CSK unlisted shares. As per the recent financial reports, CSK share price increased throughout the IPL season and offered high returns to its investors. If you don’t know how to buy CSK shares, experts at Stockify will help you. 

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