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Commercial Cleaning For Better Clean And Shiny Tiles

Tiles are generally installed to provide better-looking floors. Their sleek appearance, longevity, and ease of maintenance will let you see them installed in various buildings. However, to ensure the longevity of the tiles it is very important to maintain tiles by proper cleaning. There are a few tricks to keep them looking as shiny and you need commercial cleaning to keep them sparkling clean. Here is the list of common items used in the office and how commercial cleaners clean it:

  • Marble tiles

 Marble is called as a porous material that requires special care. They are more prone to stains and scratches. When it comes to its cleaning, trained commercial cleaning ensures the use of the best solutions that are non-abrasive. Traditional cleaners may use liquid soap with a neutral pH but professional cleaners make use of the best solutions to clean marble. They apply the solution and make sure the tiles are cleaned and properly moped so that no water stays on them.

  • Glass tiles

Glass tiles are a non-porous variety of tiles and this makes them resistant to not only stains but also molds. To ensure the shiny surface you need cleaning that doesn’t create scratches. The use of microfiber cloth is needed and cleaners use solutions that clean mineral deposits in a gentle way. After cleaning and rinsing, mopping is much needed to keep the tiles dry.

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  • Slate tiles

Slate tiles are commonly used in offices and it is a natural stone that is durable but gains scratch easily. The domestic cleaners will use the traditional cleaners that contain chemicals that can damage the surface. To maintain their longevity it is important to choose professional cleaners. They clean the tiles with special cleaning solutions that remove the stains without giving any harmful effects.

  • Brick tiles

 Brick is highly porous and many building uses it to give the traditional classy look. This quickly absorbs grit and grime and therefore, regular cleaning is not sufficient. The professional cleaners provide deep cleaning that prevents the attack of stubborn stains and dirt.

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Tiles are installed in the building to give classy look and for long-term use. So, it is very important to take good care of them with regular cleaning and maintenance. The above methods are simple ways for how professional cleaners to give cleaning to the commonly used tiles. This maintains the hygiene and keeps the tiles clean and shining.

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