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How To Become Popular And Attract More People Into Your Life

Being likable isn’t a synonym for being a people-pleaser: it is about being able to magnetize many people. Being popular has many benefits in the workplace and other spheres of life: popular and likable people form positive relationships more easily and usually get more chances in life. There are many great books about networking, for example, bestsellers by Dale Carnegie (“How to Win Friends and Influence People”). However, only in practice, for some reason, everything turns out to be more difficult: to apply advice from books is not always easy.

Start by learning to relax in society: You can take a few deep breaths before an important conversation, apply meditation, or just count to ten while relaxing every cell of your body. Do this simple exercise before any conversation. And if you want to change your life and be more likable, continue reading this article! Here is a list of important psychological techniques and tips that can help you in difficult situations, as well as set the conversation on the right wave.

Have empathy with other people

Empathy and being kind to other people are keys to human relationships. Empathy is nothing more than the ability to understand other people. Empathetic people are naturally more likable and charming. To have empathy with other people, try to keep an open mind and be interested in other people. Moreover, try to look at all the situations in the way all the people you communicate with have something to teach you. 

Such an attitude will naturally force you to express kindness towards other people and show you like them. To openly demonstrate your interest in other people you should be interested in them. This quality also will open you up to new acquaintances and meaningful interactions. Instead of spending your time whipping out your phone and gambling at https://vave.com be more present and talk to other people.

Smile at yourself and others more

An honest smile makes every interaction warmer and makes people feel at ease. Scientists have even conducted several psychological tests, which found that smiling people are more likely to cause trust in others, they have a much better chance to get a conversation partner, even a stranger. Smile creates a positive mood and a favorable environment for communication. You will not notice how a forced smile in just a few minutes will grow into an open one and change your attitude into a positive one.

Be a good listener

People, no matter how hard they try to deny it, love the attention of their person, are pleased when interested in their personalities, ask questions, and, importantly, listen carefully to their answers. Often, while one of the participants in a conversation is telling something, the other begins to sink into his thoughts, distracted by extraneous events and surrounding objects – the window of the room, TV, decorative objects, passing people, and so on. It is very important to let your communication partner know that you are interested in what he or she is talking about. Show it with questions, visual contact, or nods.

Learn confidence

Have you noticed that likable and popular people always look self-confident and have a powerful presence? Strange as it may seem, but no one likes withdrawn and insecure personalities. It is much more pleasant to deal with a self-confident person and to bask in the light of self-confidence and courage people radiate. And confidence doesn’t have anything in common with being a narcissist! People with narcissistic traits don’t accept themselves and do their best to look confident. If you accept yourself, your confidence comes from within and it is an alluring quality. To have more self-esteem it is important to start judging yourself harshly, accept all your shortcomings, and improve your strengths.

Mirror the body language of other people

If you need to support the conversation and like the interlocutor (at work, job interview), then remember an important rule – love those to whom a person is similar. Do not hesitate to study the people you are talking to, their gestures, intonation, and timbre, which you can partially copy. The main thing is not to overdo it so that it does not look like open slyness.


Human connection is a complex science but it plays a huge role in our life. Don’t try super hard to become very popular and impress other people, but implement the psychological techniques we have listed in this article to bring your social connections to the other level and go through life with a positive, pleasant, and open attitude.